Cloudist S3 - Service description

Terms and abbreviations

Terms or abbreviations

NamespaceThe Object Storage namespace serves as a container for all of your buckets and objects.

Service name

Cloudist S3

Service overview

Cloudist S3 provides cloud native object storage as a service. The service utilizes the S3 API and therefore is very easy to set up and consume. 

Service features and functions



  • Customers can enable or disable their namespace as an S3 Service consumer through the Cloudist Portal.


  • Customers can create, modify and delete buckets as well as object users.
    • Buckets can be created in SE-CENTRAL-1 and/or SE-NORTH-1 regions. Buckets created in both regions are replicated between regions. A bucket created with replication enabled cannot later have replication disabled and vice versa.
  • Customers can use S3 API calls to manage buckets, objects and users, see DellEMC REST API documentation
  • Bucket data retention time is set per bucket by customer on creation, but can be changed over time if needed. 


  • Customer can create, modify and delete bucket policies.
  • Forced encryption is enabled by default on namespace level and is inherited to all buckets and objects.
  • Customers can generate secret access keys and manage all credentials in the Cloudist Portal. Access keys are not stored in the Cloudist Portal, customer needs to store the key themself if needed.
  • Customer can manage retention on bucket level. 

Service prerequisites

  • Customer needs to have account created in Cloudist Portal
  • Customer needs to have an Internet connection or cross-connection to Cloudist infrastructure to be able to access the service
  • Customer needs to have read, accepted and adhere to Terms & Conditions for service Cloudist S3.

Service dependencies

  • The service platform needs to be online and have a connection to the network and be able to reach Internet. 

Service limitations

  • Customer is responsible for maintaining security within namespace, buckets, objects and users.
  • Customer is responsible for data protection of objects and buckets, through for example backup, replication or other means.
  • Cloudist cannot access any buckets where object encryption is set by the customer. 

Service delivery

Management interface delivery

Cloudist S3 management interface is delivered to customer over secure Internet protocols through This interface enables customer to get an overview of service usage and manage Cloudist S3.

For usage, see DellEMC REST API documentation

Maintenance windows

Maintenance windows are scheduled the third Wednesday 06.00 CET until 12.00 CET every quarter. During maintenance window, the service might be unavailable. Downtime during maintenance windows is not included when calculating service availability.

Maintenance window notification will be sent to customer disruption email address no later than the last Wednesday prior to the maintenance window. 

Operational service delivery

Cloudist S3 operational service delivery is limited to delivering the capabilities of keeping API, namespace, buckets and objects in an available state.

Service owner

Michael Holm

Service level agreement

See Service level agreement for details

Service pricing

Monthly payment based on daily usage accumulated for the previous month.

See pricelist -

Service support

Service desk is reached or

FAQ and guides/articles about the service can be found in Cloudist Knowledge Base:

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