Cloudist Disaster Recovery

Cloudist Disaster Recovery provides migration and protection services to or between Cloudist VDC and on-premise sites.

Tenants can self-serve configure asynchronous replications, failover, and workload migrations for vApps or virtual machines in the following scenarios:

  • From an on-premises vSphere site to a Cloudist VDC region

  • From a Cloudist VDC region to an on-premises vSphere site

  • From one Cloudist VDC region to another Cloudist VDC region

The Cloudist Disaster Recovery interface can be accessed via or directly via the below links.

Login details for these are your Cloudist Solutions Portal username@customer/org number and password.

Service Endpoint address is the Cloudist VDC region you would like to pair with when configuring the On-prem appliance: