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This document regulates the relationship between Cloudist and the Customer regarding responsibility for troubleshooting, operation and maintenance of the agreed Service.






The accumulated number of minutes from the time the availability of the Service deviates from the SLA, provided that a Trouble Ticket has been registered, until the error is remedied.

Ready Report

The report that Cloudist submits to the Customer when an Incident has been remedied.

Reporting an Incident

Customer's report to Cloudist in the event of an Incident with the relevant Service in accordance with section 3.

Scheduled Maintenance

Time period used for scheduled maintenance during which a Service may be affected.

Service Window

Time for Scheduled Maintenance in the form of preventive measures and corrections of Service.

Status Report

Ongoing report on status containing current Trouble Ticket number, measures taken and estimated action time for Troubleshooting.

Trouble Ticket

Customer's receipt for reporting to Cloudist of an Incident. The case is logged, registered and assigned.


Action to correct Incidents or to isolate, correct, and avoid interference with the Service in question.


In this document, Troubleshooting refers to the Customer’s Service. Unless otherwise stated, the service desk shall be contacted via email at

§  Troubleshooting: Time until commenced Troubleshooting is stated specifically per Service.

§  Status Report: Via SMS or email during pending Troubleshooting.

§  Ready Report: Via SMS or by email when the Incident is remedied.

Scheduled Maintenance (Service Window)

Time for Scheduled Maintenance stated per Service in the respective Service Description. In the calculation of Downtime, outage time which occurs during the Service Window is excluded.


Downtime regarding the Service is calculated commencing at the time the Customer reports an Incident to Cloudist in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions, whereupon Cloudist confirms the same by opening a Trouble Ticket. A Trouble Ticket is the results of an Incident report from the Customer to CSD.

The calculation of Downtime is concluded in conjunction with the relevant Trouble Ticket being classified as resolved and that the relevant Service is remedied and once again available to the Customer.

Downtime as a consequence of the following causes shall not be regarded as Downtime:

  • Downtime due to Planned Maintenance within the Service Window;

  • Downtime caused by the Customer (e.g incorrectly assembled customer equipment);

  • Downtime as a consequence of the fact that the Customer has not made it possible to, or has prevented Cloudist from, correcting errors; or

  • Downtime due to a force majeure event (see the General Terms and Conditions).

In the event the Service is inaccessible for the reasons set forth above, such shall not constitute Downtime and the Customer will accordingly not be entitled to compensation therefor. In the event Planned Maintenance exceeds the time stated and accordingly falls outside the stated Service Window, the Customer shall be entitled to compensation.


Accessibility is the number of minutes during a stated month in which the Service is not in Downtime. In the event the Customer is of the opinion that the agreed accessibility has not been achieved, the Customer shall notify the service desk thereof.

Accessibility is calculated in accordance with the formula below.

Accessibility (%) = (Total time – Downtime) x 100 [***]                                      Total time

 [***] Total time = number of days during the current month x 24 (hours) x 60 (minutes).

Accessibility is measured as a percentage and is comprised of the relationship between reduced total time (due to any Downtime) and total time for the relevant calendar month. Downtime is measured and based exclusively on registered Trouble Tickets. Both total time and Downtime are measured in minutes.


Compensation to the Customer shall be paid when the actual accessibility falls below the Service Level Target (SLT) for the relevant Service.

Compensation is based on Downtime for the relevant Service and is paid in accordance with the description below. Compensation hereunder may not exceed the fees paid by the Customer monthly for each relevant Service during the relevant calendar month.

Compensation paid to the Customer is settled in the form of a reduction of the subsequent invoice.

Compensation shall be paid only where the Customer request compensation in writing not later than fifteen (15) workdays following the outage.

Cloudist compensation as set forth above shall be the Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for any failure to meet the SLT.

Service Level Targets

See the SLT appendix, .