Cloudist VDC - FAQ


You have no contract committing you to any fixed charges, we only charge per allocated resources in your VDC.

Yes, we can help you find a partner in our network that has the relevant competency to fulfill your needs.

We can help you find a partner in our network that can help you set up a monitoring solution.

We provide an IaaS platform for IT service providers that enables them to build modern IT solutions.

Reimbursement for operational service outages, are calculated according to SLA, see T&C.


When you use licenses from Microsoft in your VDC environment you are required to report on SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement). All software except Microsoft Windows Server OS needs to be reported, for example Microsoft SQL Server, Remote Desktop etc.

Once you have reported a license it will automatically be reported every month. On the 25th of every calendar month a notice will be sent by e-mail to all Cloudist Portal users with Super Admin roles in your organisation with a reminder that it is time for the monthly reporting. You only need to report if you have made a change to the number of licenses in use. If there is no change you will continue to be invoiced based on the number of licenses from the previous month.


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